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>#import "Newsletter.h"
>[newsletter open];
Hi [%first_name | username%],
Welcome back to this edition of the Repl.it newsletter! In this edition:
  • 7 CSS Interview Questions
  • Music Players in Repl.it
  • Ultimate Java Tutorial
  • Group Projects on Teams for Education
  • Goodbye and mention
Oh, and if you're curious, the language used in this newsletter is...Objective-C
>for(Question* i in Questions[@"CSS"])
CSS Tips
CSS is magic. Or it is to me at least, because when I see the Repl.it developers use it, they create wonders. When I use css, the only wonders I create are why my text is going off the screen. So I was so grateful when Christina Kopecky released her Top 7 CSS Interview Questions, and I was able to gather some more insight into CSS. If you’re like me and need help, or an experienced web developer looking to brush up on your knowledge, their article is worth a read.
>[[NSSound newWithData:mySong] play]
Lots of great music Repl Talk posts recently! Makes sense however, music is based heavily on mathematics, the same math that computer science requires programmers to use so often. Even if you’re not a musician yourself, you can still use @Jeydin21’s player for your own enjoyment! While you’re creating your next post for Repl Talk, and jamming out to some tunes, give this very clean, very cool music player a shot! You can check out Jeydin’s Repl Talk post here.
>@import AwesomeJavaTutorial;
Java examples
We’ve had so many great tutorials throughout Repl Talk’s history. It’s not often we find a tutorial that goes so in depth however, and filled with so many examples and details. If you’ve been thinking about learning the ever popular language Java, EpicGamer007’s tutorial is a must read. If you have the time, you can start learning how to program in Java now.
>@implementation TeamsForEdu (Groups)
Amazing together
While we know that you’re capable of so many things, sending a person to the moon wasn’t a single effort. It was the combined brain power of many people. Programming is no different, the more people you have, the more that can be done. This is why we’re proud to introduce Group Projects in Teams for Education. Teachers can now create groups of students to tackle problems, and grow together. For more information on how you can bring this technology to your classes, checkout our blog post here.
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Guess what? You made it! This is the end of our weekly Repl.it Newsletter, and we hope you enjoyed it! We had some fantastic Repl Talk posts recently, and we really do enjoy reading them, so keep it up! If you’re looking for other places to share your innovations, our Repl.it Discord is the perfect place to do that. Talk with like minded individuals in real time, and meet many of the friends you’ve already made on Repl Talk! If you’re interested, you can join using this link. This concludes our Repl.it Newsletter. Stay safe and we’ll see you next week.
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